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Y'know, in your life, you're gonna come across some downers. Some jerks. And just a few downright douchebags who're worth less than the air they breathe. But until the Government makes it legal to hunt these people for food, we're stuck with 'em. What're you gonna do?

You're gonna let them do their thing. That's right. Everyone has a purpose in life, and their purpose is to be a shithead. You need them as much as they need you. ... Okay, they need you way more, but that's not the point.

The reason these people are necessary is to set a negative bar in society.

To make sure we all think, "Man, at least I'm not that guy."

Because without someone to keep you down, you wouldn't know how it felt to be down.

And then, since you don't know what it's like, you run the risk of becoming that guy.

As sure as you have sense, you're not them. And don't be. There's no shortage. But there is a total lacking of the people who understand why dicks exist.

Just remember, they're human. Maybe not people, but certainly human. The difference?

A human is anything that falls under the category of homo sapien. Hell, John Goodman's a human.

But a person is something that owns a certain trait, or combination of traits. They're alive. They can see and feel, and use these things to do good. You see that assholes are hurting you. You feel the emotional pain. And the good you do can simply be the bad you do not do.

Empathy. That's what makes a person. Heart. Positive energy.

Feeling down on yourself never helped anyone. It certainly isn't helping yourself.

So, the next time some prick insults you, just remember: He's there so you don't have to be. Imagine what an existence. That's their life. Wake up, go to work, insult guy, go home, go to sleep. You're not them, and you know it. So be the antithesis of them.

See someone you think looks nice? Tell them about it. But keep it brief. Just a little "Nice shirt." can change an attitude for someone else. Remember the bad times you've had, and make up for them.


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